La confezione CKT è una confezione professionale, una scatola rigida e un produttore di scatola regalo con servizio OEM.

Scatola del cilindro

Scatola del cilindro oContenitore di regalo del cilindro,

Il materiale della scatola di cartaCarta kraft marrone, carta kraft bianca, carta arte, scheda d'avorio, scheda duplex, carta specializzata o carta personalizzata

Lo spessore del materiale128g, 157 g, 200 g, carta da 250 g.

Finitura superficiale: laminazione lucida / opaca, timbratura a caldo in oro / argento, goffratura, rivestimento UV, stampaggio del foglio, ecc

ECO friendly tube boxes custom paper round boxes kraft paper tube packaging
ECO friendly tube boxes custom paper round boxes kraft paper tube packaging
Kraft paper tube packaging is a great way to stand out on the shelf. Not only that, they are also better for our environment than plastic alternatives because they are biodegradable and recyclable. Cardboard kraft paper Round tube packaging is the most popular and widely used material in everyday life. Kraft paper or cardboard is durable, which means it protects your product from damage and maintains high quality. In addition, the custom kraft paper tube packaging is also environmentally friendly, making it the perfect choice for those who value sustainability on the planet.We will provide quotation according to your detailed requirements, please provide all the details you need, such as material, size, thickness, printing, quantity and other requirements.1. Size: Customized (We have almost all diameters)2. Shapes: rectangle, square, circle, oval, special shape, modern design, elegant style all these we can offer for you.3. Accessories: magnets, ribbons, EVA forms, plastic trays, sponges, flowers, PVC/PET/PP with windowsSurface Disposal Of Printing:Gloss/ Matte Lamination, Glitter, Embossing, Creasing, Foil Stamping, Die Cutting, Oil Printing, Screen PrintingPaper thickness:128gsm,157gsm,200gsm,230gsm,250gsm,300gsm,350gsm,400gsm, paper or any thickness as per your requirement.Rigid cardboard thickness : 600GSM(1mm),900GSM(1.5mm),1200GSM(2mm).