CKT Packaging is a professional packaging box, rigid box and gift box manufacturer with OEM service.

We are custom rigid box manufacturers offering custom packaging supplies from more than 20 years. We produce premium luxury packaging by wrapping paper applied to the outside of grey board (heavy chipboard) that gives your custom rigid boxes their structure while strengthen them. We serve our clients from a vast rage of 60pt / 1000g to 98pt / 1,800g.

It doesn’t end up here. We offer variety of add-ons like embossing, debossing, sport UV, and Foiling etc. We produce high quality cost effective rigid boxes in all shapes and styles.

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Custom jewelry rigid boxes are a series of designer packaging for a luxury jewelry brand.

The objects inside are earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants. All boxes contain removable black velvet insert for displaying the product.

You can customize your design on color, logo material, and finish. Hot Marking or Spot UV on highlight your brand using a custom printed paper with a color pattern that matchbox style gift box looks a different way.

You can use ribbons as an accessory to your rigid packaging box. These ribbons are available in all colors and tones. We are looking forward to offering you customized packaging solutions.

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