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Black Color Sun Glass Gift Shipping Packaging Box With Custom Logo and Shape

Black Color Sun Glass Gift Shipping Packaging Box With Custom Logo and Shape

Custom Logo Shipping Packaging Box

Custom Shape Shipping Packaging Box

Black Sun Glass gift box packaging

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Product Details
Solid Pantone Colors/ CMYK/Black And White
Paper, Plastic, Etc.
Custom Size
Matte, Glossy PP, Foil Stamping/ UV Coating. Emboss/Deboss/Texture Etc.
Custom Design
Various MOQ
Ribbon, Handle, Insert Etc.
Various Structures
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
500 pcs
Packaging Details
Exporter Cartons and Pallets
Delivery Time
10-15 days
Payment Terms
T/T, Paypal, Western Union
Supply Ability
2,000,000pcs /Month
Product Description

Product Description:

Black Color Sun Glass Gift Shipping Packaging Box With Custom Logo And Shape


A custom packaging box is a specialized box that is designed and manufactured to meet the specific requirements of a product or brand. These boxes are carefully crafted with consideration for the product's dimensions, weight, fragility, and other factors to ensure optimal protection during storage and transportation.

Custom packaging boxes offer a variety of features and customization options that can be tailored to the unique needs of a product or brand. Some key aspects of a custom packaging box include:

  • Size and Shape: Custom packaging boxes can be made in a range of sizes and shapes to accommodate different products. Whether it's a small, compact box or a large, oversized container, the size and shape can be customized to fit the product perfectly.
  • Material: These boxes are typically made with sturdy and durable materials such as corrugated cardboard, paperboard, or rigid board. The material can be chosen based on the product's specific requirements, taking into consideration factors like weight, fragility, and environmental considerations.
  • Printing and Branding: Custom packaging boxes provide the opportunity to showcase branding elements through custom printing. This can include logos, product information, labels, barcodes, or any other graphics that represent the brand's identity and enhance the visual appeal of the packaging.
  • Colors and Finishes: These boxes can be produced in various colors and finishes to align with the brand's aesthetics and create a cohesive look. Matte, gloss, or specialty finishes can be applied to add a touch of elegance or unique texture to the box.
  • Inserts and Dividers: To further protect and secure the product inside the box, custom inserts and dividers can be incorporated. These can be designed to hold the product in place, prevent movement, and provide additional cushioning to minimize the risk of damage during transit.
  • Closure Methods: Custom packaging boxes offer different closure options, such as tuck flaps, adhesive strips, magnetic closures, or custom-designed closures. The closure method can be chosen based on ease of use, security, and the overall packaging design.
  • Additional Features: Depending on the product's requirements, custom packaging boxes can include additional features like handles, windows, tear strips, or ventilation holes. These features enhance the functionality of the box and provide convenience for handling or displaying the product.

Not only are custom packaging boxes practical, but they also contribute to a brand's marketing efforts by creating a memorable unboxing experience for customers. They help protect the product during shipping, reinforce brand identity, and create a positive impression among recipients.

When considering custom packaging options, it's important to work with a reputable packaging provider who can understand your specific needs and guide you through the customization process. This will ensure that you end up with a custom packaging box that meets your requirements and aligns with your brand image.



Custom Packaging Box Cartons: Features and Benefits

Custom packaging box cartons provide a wide range of options to meet your unique packaging and product requirements. These cartons can be personalized with various features and customization options to ensure your products are well-protected and presented in a professional manner. Here are some common features commonly found in custom packaging box cartons:


Size and Dimensions

Custom packaging box cartons can be manufactured in different sizes and dimensions to accommodate a variety of products. This allows for a precise fit, minimizing excess space and reducing the risk of damage during transit.


Material Selection

These cartons are typically made from materials such as corrugated cardboard, paperboard, or rigid board. The choice of material depends on factors like product weight, fragility, and environmental considerations. Different grades and thicknesses can be selected to provide the necessary strength and protection.


Printing and Branding

Custom packaging box cartons offer the opportunity for branding through custom printing. This includes incorporating logos, product information, promotional messages, or other graphics that reflect your brand identity. High-quality printing ensures a visually appealing design that accurately represents your brand.


Structural Design

These cartons can be designed with specific structural features to enhance functionality and protection. This may include inserts, dividers, or partitions to securely hold and separate products within the box. Inserts can provide additional cushioning and prevent movement during transit.


Closure Methods

Custom packaging box cartons offer various closure options to securely seal the box. Common methods include tuck flaps, adhesive strips, self-locking tabs, or custom-designed closures. The choice depends on factors like ease of use, security, and desired aesthetic.

Handles and Carrying Features

Some custom packaging box cartons can be designed with handles or carrying features for easy handling and transportation. Handles can be integrated into the design or added as separate components to provide convenience for end-users.


Perforations and Tear Strips

These cartons can include perforations or tear strips for easy opening. These features allow recipients to quickly and conveniently access the contents without additional tools.


Special Finishes and Coatings

Custom packaging box cartons can be enhanced with special finishes and coatings for added protection and visual appeal. This may include matte or gloss finishes, spot UV coatings, embossing, or debossing techniques.


Sustainability Features

These cartons can also be designed with sustainability in mind. This may involve using eco-friendly materials, incorporating recyclable or biodegradable components, or adhering to sustainable manufacturing practices.


By working with a professional packaging provider, you can explore a wide range of features and customization options to create a packaging solution that aligns with your requirements and enhances the presentation and protection of your products. Custom packaging box cartons offer versatility and flexibility to meet the specific needs of different products and brands.

Black Color Sun Glass Gift Shipping Packaging Box With Custom Logo and Shape 0Black Color Sun Glass Gift Shipping Packaging Box With Custom Logo and Shape 1Black Color Sun Glass Gift Shipping Packaging Box With Custom Logo and Shape 2Black Color Sun Glass Gift Shipping Packaging Box With Custom Logo and Shape 3

Technical Parameters:

Box Dimensions: Length: ___________ cm/inches
Width: ___________ cm/inches
Height: ___________ cm/inches
Material Type and Thickness: Material: ________________
Thickness: ___________ mm/inches
Printing Design and Artwork: Artwork files format: ________________
Resolution: ___________ DPI
Color Mode: ________________
Specific artwork requirements: _______________________
Structural Design: Box Style: ________________
Closure Method: ________________
Additional Features: _______________________
Box Strength and Weight Capacity: Desired strength: ________________
Weight capacity: ___________ kg/lbs
Surface Finishes and Coatings: Finish Type: ________________
Coating Type: ________________
Additional Finishing Requirements: _______________________
Sustainability Considerations: Eco-friendly materials: _______________________
Sustainable manufacturing practices: _______________________
Testing and Prototyping: Testing requirements: _______________________
Prototyping requirements: _______________________


Custom packaging boxes have a wide range of applications across various industries. They offer a multitude of benefits and are vital for the success of businesses. Here are some common applications of custom packaging boxes:


Product Packaging

Custom packaging boxes are extensively used for packaging various products, such as electronics, cosmetics, food items, clothing, accessories, toys, and more. These boxes provide protection, branding opportunities, and help create a memorable unboxing experience for customers.


E-commerce Packaging

The rise of online shopping has highlighted the significance of custom packaging boxes in shipping products to customers. These boxes are specifically designed to withstand the rigors of transportation, providing efficient storage and stacking, and showcasing branding elements to enhance the brand's image.


Retail Packaging

Custom packaging boxes are a common sight in retail stores, where they are used to display and present products attractively. These boxes often incorporate window cutouts, unique designs, and branding elements to catch the attention of shoppers and promote sales.


Gift Packaging

Custom packaging boxes are widely used for gift-giving occasions. They can be designed with special finishes, ribbons, or personalized messages to make the gift more appealing and create a sense of anticipation.


Promotional Packaging

Custom packaging boxes are a popular choice for promotional campaigns and product launches. They can be designed with eye-catching graphics, special offers, or limited edition branding to create excitement and drive sales.


Subscription Boxes

Custom packaging boxes are a staple in subscription box services, where customers receive curated products on a regular basis. These boxes are designed to enhance the overall subscription experience, often incorporating unique designs, personalization, and surprise elements.


Event and Trade Show Packaging

Custom packaging boxes are frequently utilized for event giveaways, promotional materials, and trade show displays. They can be designed to hold brochures, samples, or branded merchandise, providing a professional and cohesive presentation of the brand.


Pharmaceutical and Medical Packaging

In the pharmaceutical and medical industries, custom packaging boxes are essential for packaging medications, medical devices, and healthcare products. These boxes often have specific requirements for product safety, labeling, and regulatory compliance.


Luxury Packaging

Custom packaging boxes are a must-have for luxury or high-end products, as they help create a premium and exclusive brand experience. These boxes often incorporate high-quality materials, unique designs, and special finishes to reflect the luxury nature of the product.


Food and Beverage Packaging

Custom packaging boxes play a crucial role in the food and beverage industry, where they are used to package and deliver perishable and non-perishable items. These boxes can be designed to meet specific food safety and regulatory requirements, ensuring the freshness and integrity of the products.

Custom packaging boxes provide endless possibilities for branding, protection, and enhancing the customer experience. By tailoring the design, materials, and features to the specific product and industry, these boxes can effectively meet the unique needs of businesses across various sectors.



Our Cosmetic Packaging Box is made from high quality materials, ensuring durability and protection for your products. We offer a wide range of materials such as paper, plastic, and more to cater to your specific needs.

With our experienced team and advanced production techniques, we are able to provide customized solutions for your cosmetic packaging needs. From design to production, we work closely with our clients to ensure that their packaging reflects their brand and meets their requirements.

Ordering our Cosmetic Packaging Box is easy and hassle-free. We have various MOQs to accommodate small and large orders. Our production capacity of 2,000,000pcs per month allows us to meet tight deadlines without compromising on quality.

Don't settle for generic packaging. Let CKT provide you with a customized packaging solution for your cosmetic products. Contact us now to get started.


Packing and Shipping:

Cosmetic Packaging Box Packaging and Shipping Instructions Packaging Instructions: 1. Begin by selecting a sturdy and appropriately sized box for your cosmetic packaging. 2. Line the bottom of the box with bubble wrap or packaging peanuts to provide cushioning for your products. 3. Place your cosmetic items in the box, ensuring that there is no empty space to prevent shifting during shipping. 4. Fill any remaining space with additional packaging material, such as tissue paper or air pillows, to provide extra protection. 5. Close the box securely with tape, making sure all edges are sealed to prevent the box from opening during shipping. 6. Label the box with the necessary shipping information, including the recipient's address, your return address, and any special handling instructions. Shipping Instructions: 1. Choose a reliable shipping carrier with a track record of delivering packages safely and on time. 2. Consider using additional protective measures, such as fragile stickers or double-boxing, for extra fragile items. 3. Keep the weight and size of your package within the limits set by the shipping carrier to avoid additional fees. 4. Purchase shipping insurance to protect your package in case of any damage or loss during transit. 5. Drop off your package at the designated shipping location or schedule a pickup from your chosen carrier. 6. Keep the tracking number provided by the shipping carrier to monitor the progress of your package and ensure its safe delivery. Thank you for choosing our Cosmetic Packaging Box. We hope these packaging and shipping instructions will help ensure that your products arrive at their destination safely and in perfect condition.


Q: What is custom cardboard packaging?

A: Custom cardboard packaging refers to the process of designing and manufacturing cardboard boxes that are tailored to specific requirements. These boxes are usually made from sturdy and durable cardboard materials and can be customized in terms of size, shape, design, and branding elements.


Q: What are the benefits of using custom cardboard packaging boxes?

A: There are several benefits to using custom cardboard packaging boxes, including:


Branding: Custom boxes can be printed with your company's logo, colors, and other branding elements, helping to create brand awareness and recognition.


Product Protection: Cardboard is a durable and robust material that provides excellent protection for your products during storage and transportation.


Customization: You can customize the size, shape, and design of the boxes to perfectly fit your products, maximizing space efficiency and enhancing the overall presentation.


Cost-effective: Cardboard packaging is generally more affordable compared to other packaging materials, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses.


Eco-friendly: Cardboard is a recyclable and biodegradable material, which makes it an environmentally friendly choice for packaging. It aligns with sustainability initiatives and appeals to environmentally conscious consumers.


Q: How are custom cardboard packaging boxes made?

A: Custom cardboard packaging boxes are typically made through the following process:


Design: The design phase involves creating a blueprint of the box, including its dimensions, structure, and any specific printing or branding requirements.


Material Selection: Cardboard sheets of the appropriate thickness and quality are chosen based on the desired strength and durability of the packaging.


Cutting and Creasing: The cardboard sheets are cut into the required shape and size using specialized machinery. Creasing is also done to create folding lines for easy assembly of the boxes.


Printing and Finishing: If branding or design elements need to be printed on the boxes, the cardboard sheets are sent for printing. This can include logos, text, images, or any other desired graphics. Finishing options like matte or gloss lamination, embossing, or foil stamping may also be applied.


Die Cutting and Gluing: After printing, the cardboard sheets are sent for die cutting, where specialized equipment cuts out any required windows, slots, or openings. The sheets are then folded and glued together to form the final box shape.


Quality Control and Packaging: The finished boxes undergo quality control checks to ensure they meet the desired standards. Once approved, they are packaged and prepared for shipping or distribution.


Q: What industries use custom cardboard packaging boxes?

A: Custom cardboard packaging boxes are used across various industries, including:


Retail: They are commonly used for packaging and displaying products in retail stores, both online and brick-and-mortar.


E-commerce: Custom cardboard boxes are extensively used in the e-commerce industry for shipping and delivering products ordered online.


Food and Beverage: Cardboard boxes are used for packaging food items, beverages, and other perishable goods, providing protection and ensuring product freshness.


Electronics: Many electronic devices and components are packaged in custom cardboard boxes to safeguard them during transit.


Cosmetics and Beauty: Custom packaging boxes are popular in the cosmetics industry, where they enhance the visual appeal of beauty products and protect fragile items.


Pharmaceuticals: Pharmaceutical companies utilize custom cardboard boxes to package medications, ensuring safety, and compliance with regulatory standards.


Q: Can custom cardboard packaging boxes be recycled?

A: Yes, cardboard is highly recyclable. Custom cardboard packaging boxes can be recycled through established recycling programs. Recycling helps reduce the environmental impact by reducing waste and conserving resources. It is important to encourage proper recycling practices to ensure the cardboard is disposed of correctly and efficiently.


Q: What factors should be considered when ordering custom cardboard packaging boxes?

A: When ordering custom cardboard packaging boxes, it is essential to consider the following factors:

Size and Dimensions: Determine the appropriate size and dimensions of the boxes based on your product specifications and shipping requirements.


Strength and Durability: Choose the appropriate thickness and quality of the cardboard material to ensure the boxes provide adequate protection during handling and transportation.


Design and Branding: Plan the desired design and branding elements, such as logos, colors, and graphics, to create a visually appealing package that aligns with your brand identity.


Printing and Finishing Options: Consider the printing techniques and finishing options available to enhance the visual presentation of the boxes, such as matte or gloss coatings, embossing, or foil stamping.


Quantity: Determine the required quantity of boxes to ensure cost-effectiveness while meeting your packaging needs.


Budget: Establish a budget that considers the cost of materials, printing, finishing, and any additional customization requirements.


Sustainability: If environmental sustainability is a priority, opt for recyclable and eco-friendly cardboard materials and choose a supplier with sustainable practices.


Supplier Selection: Research and choose a reputable and experienced supplier who can deliver high-quality custom cardboard packaging boxes within your desired timeframe.


Please note that specific requirements mayvary depending on the nature of your product and industry, so it's advisable to consult with a packaging professional or supplier for personalized guidance.

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