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Company IntroductionCKT Print Co., Ltd -Your Professional Printing & Packaging SolutionIntroduction:CKT Print Co., Ltd is a reputable and dependable Printing & Package manufacturer based in Shenzhen, China. Since our establishment in 2005, we have consistently provided top-quality services to clients worldwide. With a state-of-the-art workshop spanning over 20,000 square meters and a dedicated team of more than 180 skilled employees, we have amassed 15 years of expertise in OEM Printings ...
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Black Personal Care Boxes Perfume Bottle Box Producer With Cheap Price

Accessory:Ribbon, Handle, Insert Etc.

Printing:Offset Printing/ Litho Printing/ UV Printing

Surface:Matte, Glossy PP, Foil Stamping/ UV Coating. Emboss/Deboss/Texture Etc.

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Personalized Cardboard Gift Packing Boxes With Custom Logo Printing

Color:Solid Pantone Colors/ CMYK/Black & White

Material:Paper, Cardboard, Etc.

MOQ:Various MOQ

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Custom Design Cosmetic Packaging Box with Plastic Material and Ribbon Accessory Video

Custom Design Cosmetic Packaging Box with Plastic Material and Ribbon Accessory

Size:Custom Size

Accessory:Ribbon, Handle, Insert Etc.

Design:Custom Design

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Orange Sliding Gift Packing Boxes With Custom Plastic Tray Insert Video

Orange Sliding Gift Packing Boxes With Custom Plastic Tray Insert

Design:Unique Personalized


Printing:CMYK And Pantone

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Kirk Eliot
2023-07-24 09:35:26
We received the box samples last week and they are awesome. The texture, paper and printing of samples are superb. The embossed logo is amazing. I can't wait to place an order soon. Although it was a long time for me to receive the boxes, they are perfect work. That's exactly how I thought it would look, matching what I saw on the web. Great Job!
Elva Crichton
2023-07-24 09:36:56
Incredible service! They are quick to respond to emails and call me for questions. Always be efficient to assist and help. A true pleasure to deal with them. My trial order is 500, will do more in future. My original order was with another supplier and i was not satisfied with the quality, the paper and the gold logo. When i found CKT, they offered
Flora Petty
2023-07-24 09:51:03
The quality of the packages I ordered was fantastic for my serum and moisturizers. The shipping was way high. They suggested me sea shipping for next order in case I am not urgent. I am going to place another order and move up my procurement schedule. Thank you very much for your helpful suggestion. The product quality is excellent and I'll be plac
Nina Baier
2023-07-24 10:20:50
First class quality, good packaging and fast shipment.
Ena Soon
2023-07-24 10:21:42
I Received all the cartons, The packaging is safe without damage, Thank you very much!
David Bauer
2023-07-24 10:23:03
yes. amazing quality
Nathalie Rodriguez
2023-07-24 10:29:16
We will definitely will buy from this Company. Great costumer service. Great products and shipment on time. Thank you!!!
Dolores Sam
2023-07-24 10:26:56
The boxes work perfectly for my perfume and the embossed logo is so impressive. We all love them. I will definitely be ordering more for my business.
Pete Saroyan
2023-07-24 10:29:36
The quality of the package I ordered was fantastic. I really enjoy the kraft color with gold printing. I am super happy and will definitely use them again. I love everything about my last order. I cannot wait to place my next order with customization. The packaging are really beautiful. Very good quality compared to other suppliers. Delivery has be
Karen Kaiser
2023-07-24 10:31:10
Amazing Company! Great communication and customer relations. The team have gone well and beyond to deliver my vision. Throughout the whole process, I have had 100% support and guidance. Shipping was quick without any complications, and all the products arrived in excellent condition. I am extremely happy with the quality of the luxury boxes we orde
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New Policy of Paper Packaging Industry in China, 2023
New Policy of Paper Packaging Industry in China, 2023
New Policy of Paper Packaging Industry in China,  2023   According to a market research report on the printing and packaging industry, the global market size reached 2,481.763 billion yuan (RMB) in 2021, with the Chinese market size reaching 724.675 billion yuan. The report predicts that the global packaging printing market will reach 3,257.061 billion yuan by 2027, with a compound annual growth rate of 4.65% during the forecast period.   As an important part of packaging decoration and printing, the paper packaging and printing industry has advantages such as easy processing, low cost, printability, environmental friendliness, and recyclability. It is the most widely used type of packaging in the market, accounting for about one-third of the overall output value of the packaging printing industry.   Starting from 2023, a series of policies, standards, and plans related to the printing and packaging industry will be implemented, which may impact and change the development of the entire industry. Printing and packaging companies should understand and pay attention to these policies, adapt to the trends of the times, and collectively promote the high-quality development of the printing industry. To this end, we have summarized these policies. New Policies: 1. VAT Exemption for Small-scale Taxpayers:   The Ministry of Finance and the State Taxation Administration released a policy announcement on January 9, 2023, clarifying the exemption of value-added tax for small-scale taxpayers. From January 1, 2023, to December 31, 2023, small-scale taxpayers with monthly sales of less than 1 million yuan (including this amount) are exempt from value-added tax. The value-added tax that should be exempted can be deducted from the tax payable by the taxpayer or refunded if it has been collected before the announcement. It is worth mentioning that the majority of printing and packaging enterprises in China are small-scale enterprises, and this policy is undoubtedly a major benefit for these small-scale businesses.   2. Zero Tariffs for Imported Paper:   On December 28, 2022, the State Council Tariff Commission announced the tariff adjustment plan for 2023, implementing zero tariffs for several paper categories. Starting from January 1, 2023, China will impose a provisional import tariff rate below the most-favored-nation rate on 1,020 commodities, including double-sided adhesive paper, copperplate paper, white cardboard, recycled box board, and corrugated raw paper within the paper category. However, this tariff adjustment does not cover cowhide box board and newsprint products.   3. Exemption for Printing Enterprises in Environmental Regulation: On December 1, 2022, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment issued the "Management Measures for the List of Key Environmental Regulation Units." Starting from January 1, 2023, packaging and printing enterprises above a certain scale that use ink with low volatile organic compound content as specified by the national regulations will be exempted from being listed as key atmospheric pollution units. In other words, packaging and printing enterprises that use low VOCs content ink will be exempted from being listed as key atmospheric pollution units. 4. New "National Printing Demonstrative Enterprise Management Measures":   On January 10, 2023, the National Press and Publication Administration published the "National Printing Demonstrative Enterprise Management Measures." The "Management Measures" identify four categories of national printing demonstrative enterprises: support and support category, innovation and leading category, intelligent manufacturing category, and professional characteristics category. The National Press and Publication Administration will organize the review and identification of national printing demonstrative enterprises every two years.   5. Implementation of the 2022 edition of the "Catalog for the Guidance of Foreign Investment Industries": Starting from January 1, 2023, the 2022 edition of the "Catalog for the Guidance of Foreign Investment Industries" will be implemented. The National Development and Reform Commission stated that the main changes in the new edition of the Catalog include continuous encouragement of foreign investment
ASD Show
ASD Show
   Shenzhen CKT Print Team Attend the Spring ASD Show Feb 28-Mar 3rd in Las vags   Dear readers, I would like to share my experience attending the 2023 ASD Spring Exhibition in the United States with you. The ASD Spring Exhibition is a globally renowned trade show that brings together exhibitors from various industries and enthusiastic attendees with a passion for innovation and emerging products. This exhibition provided me with an excellent opportunity to engage in networking, exchange ideas, and learn from professionals in a vibrant and creative environment. First and foremost, I was amazed by the scale and diversity of the exhibition. The ASD Spring Exhibition covers a wide range of industries, including fashion, home and decor, beauty, fitness, electronics, and more. As I walked through the exhibition halls, I encountered a myriad of product displays showcasing the latest fashion trends and cutting-edge technological innovations. Each booth showcased the unique concepts and professional expertise of the exhibitors, allowing me to gain a deeper understanding of the industry’s diversity and innovative capabilities. Furthermore, I attended several professional lectures and seminars that greatly inspired my personal career development. I had the privilege of listening to speeches by industry leaders and experts who shared their experiences, insights, and the latest trends. These shared experiences sparked my thinking and provided valuable thoughts and practical guidance. Additionally, I participated in group discussions and workshops where I engaged in in-depth conversations and idea exchanges with fellow industry peers. These interactive and collaborative opportunities further widened my perspective, enhancing my professional knowledge and skills. Moreover, this exhibition provided me with opportunities to establish connections with potential business partners. As I navigated through different booths, I engaged in meaningful conversations with exhibitors, learning about their products and services. Through building these connections, I gained a more accurate understanding of market trends and consumer demands, identifying potential business opportunities. Simultaneously, I had the chance to meet and connect with colleagues working in the same field, allowing us to collaborate, discuss and share experiences, fostering mutual learning and growth. In conclusion, attending the 2023 ASD Spring Exhibition in the United States was an invaluable and meaningful experience. Through this exhibition, I expanded my professional network, acquired knowledge, and gained practical experiences. I am excitedly looking forward to applying these learnings to my work and making contributions to the industry’s development. Looking ahead, I hope to continue attending similar exhibitions, engaging with more outstanding professionals, and collectively driving progress and innovation within the industry.
Printing&Packaging Fair in Global 2023
Printing&Packaging Fair in Global 2023
Drupa 2023:   Drupa is the world’s leading trade fair for printing technologies. It takes place in Düsseldorf, Germany, and features the latest innovations and trends in the printing and packaging industry. The event showcases cutting-edge technologies, digital printing solutions, packaging materials, and much more.   Print 4 All Conference:   Print 4 All is an international conference focused on the future of printing and packaging. It attracts industry experts, designers, and manufacturers to discuss emerging trends, sustainability, and technological advancements. The conference offers insights into the latest innovations and provides a platform for networking and collaboration.   Print China 2023:   Print China is one of the largest printing exhibitions in Asia and showcases printing, packaging, and paper converting technologies. The event provides a platform for industry professionals to explore market trends, exchange ideas, and establish business connections. It covers a wide range of printing disciplines, including digital printing, flexography, gravure, and more. Packaging Innovations 2023: Packaging Innovations is a leading packaging exhibition held in different cities worldwide. It focuses on showcasing the latest technologies, materials, and design solutions for the packaging industry. The event brings together packaging professionals, brand owners, and designers to explore sustainable packaging options, innovative materials, and consumer trends.   Global Packaging Summit:   The Global Packaging Summit is an annual gathering of industry leaders, experts, and decision-makers from the packaging industry worldwide. The summit offers insightful presentations, panel discussions, and networking opportunities, addressing topics such as sustainability, e-commerce packaging, smart packaging, and supply chain innovations. In terms of news, some key trends and developments in the printing and packaging industry for 2023 might include:   Sustainable Packaging: With increasing consumer awareness and environmental concerns, there will be a focus on sustainable packaging solutions. Companies will explore eco-friendly materials, innovative designs, and reduced waste in packaging. Digital Printing Advancements: Digital printing technologies will continue to advance, enabling faster production speeds, higher print quality, and increased customization options. This trend will revolutionize the packaging industry by allowing for more personalized and on-demand printing.   Smart Packaging: The integration of technologies such as RFID tags, QR codes, and sensors will enable smart packaging solutions. These technologies will provide real-time information about product quality, authenticity, and usage, enhancing the overall consumer experience.   E-commerce Packaging Innovations: As online shopping continues to grow, e-commerce packaging will evolve to meet the unique challenges of shipping and handling. Innovations in protective packaging, sustainable shipping materials, and convenient packaging designs will be prominent.   Industry 4.0 Adoption: The printing and packaging industry will embrace Industry 4.0 technologies, including automation, robotics, and data analytics. This integration will streamline production processes, improve efficiency, and enable predictive maintenance for equipment.   Please note that the information provided is based on current trends and predictions for 2023. It’s always a good idea to stay updated with official event announcements and industry news sources for the most accurate and timely information.
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