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Personalized Creative Packaging Design With Zipper Closure And Stand Up Structure

Personalized Creative Packaging Design With Zipper Closure And Stand Up Structure

Personalized Packaging Design

Zipper Closure Packaging Design

Stand up Structure Packaging Design

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Product Details
Gift, Retail, Etc.
Zipper, Velcro, Etc.
Flat, Stand-up, Etc.
Printing Technology:
Offset Printing, Digital Printing, Etc.
Surface Finish:
Glossy, Matte, Etc.
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
500 pcs
Packaging Details
Exporter Cartons and Pallets
Delivery Time
10-15 days
Payment Terms
T/T, Paypal, Western Union
Supply Ability
2,000,000pcs /Month
Product Description

Product Description:

At our company, we take pride in providing customizable designs for our clients. We work collaboratively with our clients to understand their specific needs and preferences and then design custom carton boxes that perfectly reflect their brand identity and product positioning. Our in-house design team is equipped to create unique structural designs, graphics, and finishes to make your packaging stand out.

We use only top-quality materials for our custom carton boxes. This includes corrugated cardboard, rigid paperboard, and specialty substrates. Our use of these materials ensures durability, strength, and visual appeal for your packaging needs.

Your packaging deserves to have that extra pizzazz. To elevate the aesthetic appeal of your packaging, we offer a range of finishing options, such as foil stamping, spot UV coating, debossing, and embossing. With these techniques, your carton boxes will have a touch of elegance and sophistication that perfectly matches your branding.

Our custom carton boxes come in a variety of sizes and dimensions. We can customize the boxes to accommodate your specific product requirements, whether it's a small retail item or a larger industrial product. The sizing and dimensions of the boxes can be adjusted to meet your needs.

We pride ourselves on our efficient production and rapid turnaround. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and streamlined production processes ensure that we deliver custom carton boxes with a fast turnaround time, making sure that your products reach the market on time.

Providing eco-friendly packaging solutions is a priority for us. For clients seeking sustainable and environmentally conscious packaging solutions, we offer eco-friendly alternatives. The materials we use for these solutions are recyclable and biodegradable, aligning with your sustainability goals.

Our extensive industry experience and economies of scale allow us to provide our clients with competitive pricing. We understand that cost is an important factor, and we aim to provide you with great value for your investment in our custom packaging carton boxes.

Technical Parameters:

Material Specifications:

The material specifications of a box are crucial to make it fit for purpose. There are various substrate types, such as corrugated cardboard, rigid paperboard, and linerboard, each with its own unique characteristics. The grammage or thickness of the material, strength and durability properties, and printability and surface finishes are also important factors to consider.

Structural Design:

The structural design of the box should align with the product it will carry and the purpose it will serve. Factors such as the box style, dimensions (length, width, and height), opening and closure mechanisms, interlocking features for stacking or display, and ventilation or perforations (if required) should be taken into account when designing the box.

Printing and Graphics:

The printing and graphics of the box are necessary to enhance visibility and brand recognition. Printing technology, like offset, flexographic, and digital, should be selected based on the requirements of the design. Color options, ink coverage, graphic design elements like logos, text, and images, and special finishing techniques like foil stamping, embossing, and spot UV should also be considered to make the box stand out.

Functionality and Performance:

The functionality and performance of the box should be designed to meet customer expectations. Load-bearing capacity and stacking strength, moisture and water resistance, insulation or temperature control (if required), tamper-evident or security features, ease of assembly, and product insertion/removal are among the factors to consider when designing the box.

Sustainability and Compliance:

Sustainability is an essential factor in packaging design. Use of eco-friendly, recyclable, or biodegradable materials, and the minimization of waste and carbon footprint are vital in designing an environmentally friendly box. Compliance with industry regulations and standards should also be considered.

Production and Logistics:

The volume and timing of production and logistics of the box should be taken into account. Minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirements, lead time for manufacturing and delivery, packaging options for shipping and storage, and customization and personalization capabilities should be considered when designing the box.

Testing and Quality Assurance:

The box should undergo rigorous quality control measures before being made available to customers. This should involve performance testing such as drop test and compression test to ensure it meets industry standards and certifications.


CKT is a China-originated brand that offers Custom Packaging Solutions for various occasions and scenarios. The product is certified by FSC and SGS, and the minimum order quantity is 500 pcs. The price of the product is negotiable and is packed in Exporter Cartons and Pallets, with a delivery time of 10-15 days.

The product has a supply ability of 2,000,000pcs per month, and its surface finish can be glossy, matte, or any other as per the customer's preference. The design is customized, and the thickness can also be customized as per the client's requirements. It also has a handle, which can be selected from options like PP Rope, Cotton Rope, Ribbon, etc. The color scheme can be as per the CMYK, Pantone, or any other preferred color scheme.

The Custom Packaging Solutions from CKT are suitable for unique food packaging design, creative cosmetic packaging design, and Bulk Custom Packaging Box. These packaging solutions are ideal for businesses that require their products to stand out and create a lasting impression on the customer. The unique food packaging design is perfect for businesses that specialize in gourmet or artisan food products and require their packaging to reflect the quality of their products. The creative cosmetic packaging design is ideal for cosmetic products that require an elegant and sophisticated look to attract customers. The Bulk Custom Packaging Box is suitable for businesses that require large quantities of packaging solutions at a reasonable price.

The payment terms for the product include T/T, Paypal, and Western Union, making it convenient for customers to pay as per their preference. With CKT's Custom Packaging Solutions, businesses can get the desired packaging solutions that reflect their brand's personality and values, and stand out in the market.


Support and Services:

Our Custom Packaging Solutions product comes with comprehensive technical support and services to ensure that our customers get the most out of their investment:

  • Expert installation services to ensure proper setup and configuration of the product.
  • Training services to ensure that customers are able to fully utilize the product's features and capabilities.
  • Technical support services to address any issues or concerns that may arise during the product's use.
  • Regular software updates to ensure that the product remains up-to-date and continues to meet the evolving needs of our customers.
  • Customization services to tailor the product to specific customer needs and requirements.

Packing and Shipping:

Product Packaging:

Our custom packaging solutions come in a variety of sizes and materials to fit your specific needs. Each package is carefully designed and crafted to ensure the safe and secure delivery of your products. Our team will work with you to create a custom packaging solution that is tailored to your brand and budget.


We offer fast and reliable shipping options to ensure that your products are delivered on time and in perfect condition. Our team will work with you to determine the best shipping method based on your specific needs and requirements. We also offer tracking information so you can keep an eye on your shipment every step of the way.


A: The brand name of the custom packaging solutions is CKT.

2. Q: Where are the custom packaging solutions manufactured?

A: The custom packaging solutions are manufactured in China.

3. Q: Are the custom packaging solutions certified?

A: Yes, the custom packaging solutions are certified with FSC/SGS.

4. Q: What is the minimum order quantity for the custom packaging solutions?

A: The minimum order quantity for the custom packaging solutions is 500 pcs.

5. Q: What are the payment terms for the custom packaging solutions?

A: The payment terms for the custom packaging solutions are T/T, Paypal, and Western Union.

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