CKT Packaging is a professional packaging box, rigid box and gift box manufacturer with OEM service.


We provide customers with full-process services such as design and production, printing plates and post-processing. Our customers are all over the world in different industries. Since our establishment, we have been following this principle and we have worked with many companies from almost all over the world to help them improve packaging and promote sales and marketing. Secondly, every employee of CKT learns from each other, helps each other, constantly improves themselves, and works towards the common goal, we will become stronger and stronger. The company wants to take the customer's requirements as the most important thing, to consider what customers will care about. At the same time, the company adheres to the spirit of teamwork, continues to innovate, and meets the opportunities and challenges brought by the information technology era.

Magnetic book shape boxes cover pasting

To make magnetic book shape boxes, the first stape is cover pasting.

We have automatic cover pasting machine, it is very fast and with accurate setting.

Gift box manufacturer

We are qualified manufacturer for producing a wide range of different products covering color folding box, rigid box, corrugated box, cigarette case.Welcome friends from all over the world to CKT.

Finishing-UV Coating

UV Coating is a tough clear coat applied over printed materials to improve resilience and appearance. This coating is applied in liquid form, then exposed to Ultra-Violet light which bonds and dries it instantly.

Finishing-Cutting and Trimming

Cutting and Trimming is using a sharp blade or shear to reduce a printed piece down to its desired size. Common examples include removing excess paper along crop marks, separating pieces that have been printed as multiple images per sheet, or trimming the open edges of a book to create evenly aligned pages.


Folding is a procedure that bends over a printed piece so that it lies flat upon itself. Folding serves many functions, one of which is to reduce the physical size of a printed piece. This allows the piece to fit into something else - like an envelope, packaging, or display rack.


Laminating - the process of bonding a clear plastic film onto printed matter to protect it against stains, smudges, moisture, wrinkles, and tears. Greatly improves durability. Also enhances the vibrancy of the ink colors. Lamination is a popular choice for printed items that must endure heavy use, such as educational materials, flip charts, book covers, restaurant and bar menus, maps, and consumer displays.

Finishing-Aqueous coating

Finishing Aqueous coating

Aqueous Coating is an economical water-based clear-coat applied to printed pieces to help protect the ink and paper against minor scuffs and abrasions.  It provides a high-gloss or matte surface, Aqueous is typically applied to the entire printed piece. Due to its water base, aqueous coating is more environmentally friendly.

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